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Paweł Czubik is a full professor of law and Head of the Chair of Public International Law and European Law at the Cracow University of Economics. He is a jugde in Extraordinary Review and Public Affairs Chamber of Polish Supreme Court. He was previously a member of the National Notary Council of Poland, a member of the Legal Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked as a member of the Team of Experts on Constitutional Court issues appointed by the Speaker of the Sejm. He was an ad hoc judge of the ECtHR. He is a laureate of numerous awards in Poland, Ukraine and Hungary.
Affiliation: Full Professor, Cracow Univeristy of Economics, Poland

Prof. Dr. Paweł Czubik

More about work

Prof. Paweł Czubik specialises primarily in public international law, in particular international economic law and consular law, as well as selected issues of private international law, international civil procedure and notarial turnover. He was frequently called upon as an expert in consular and foreign law by the MoFA, the European Commission, common courts and foreign diplomatic representations. He was an expert of the National Science Centre (NCN) and sat repeatedly on NCN panels, including as the chairperson. He was an expert of the Bureau of Research of the Polish Sejm on, inter alia, the Consular Law Act (2015) and the Foreign Service Act (2017). He has authored nearly 350 academic publications on consular law and about 50 expert opinions (commissioned by courts or administrative bodies). He has worked as editor-in-chief of the annual "PWPM" [Problems in Contemporary International, European and Comparative Law] (2003-2014)..


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