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Who are we?

The Central European Academy (CEA) is a committed supporter of comparative law in Central Europe.

About us

After lengthy preparations, the Central European Academy in its current form started its operations on 1 January 2022 under the aegis of the University of Miskolc and took over the operation of high-level programmes such as the Central European Professors' Network and the Central European Junior Programme.

The Central European Academy strives to establish a top-tier institutional framework for scientists from Central Europe and beyond. It seeks to meet contemporary expectations, enabling significant issues to be tackled through genuine dialogue and yielding beneficial outcomes for the region's countries and their collaborative partners.

CEA Publishing

To publish and disseminate legal journals and books of high professional quality, and to promote the international recognition of legal journals and books in Hungary and abroad, especially in Central Europe.

Professors' Networks

Eight countries, 77 researchers, 6 research groups, countless international scientific projects and dissertations - this is the CEA Professors' Networks. Research, teaching, publishing, hosting prestigious professional events.

Internship Programme

For doctoral students, insights into the research and publication process through the areas of comparative law. Gaining experience, individual learning, development and building a professional network.

LL.M. Programme

The aim of the training is to deepen the knowledge of a specific area of law and to help those who choose to become lawyers to specialise in a particular field.

Organisation and Operation

The management tasks necessary for the operational management of the Central European Academy are carried out by the Director General, Prof. Dr. Tímea Tünde Dr Heinerné Barzó.

The organisational units of the Central European Academy are:

  • Research Centre (headed by Prof. Dr. Tímea Tünde Dr Heinerné Barzó, Director General and Prof. Dr. János Ede Szilágyi, Strategic Director)
  • PR and Event Management Directorate (Director: Lídia Kovács)
  • Legal Directorate (Director: Dr. Ildikó Osváth)
  • Economic Directorate (Director: Dr. Béla Péter Kántor)
The Central European Academy is a separate legal entity of the University of Miskolc.

Members of the Management Board

Introducing the senior staff of the Central European Academy

Prof. Test Elek
Strategy Director

Dr. Ildikó Osváth
Legal Directorate

Dr. Béla Péter Kántor
Economic Directorate

Lídia Kovács
PR and Event Management Directorate

Test Elemér
PR and Event Management Directorate

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