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Advocate, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the War Studies University. Member of the Senate WSU. Graduate of law and canon law at the John Paul II Catholic University, as well as the fourth edition of the Annual Diplomatic Programme of the Academy of Foreign Affairs - House of Diplomacy. Co-founder of the Centre for Comparative Studies. She led the establishment of a legal studies programme at the military academy. Since 2022, she has been a member of the Team appointed by the Minister of Defence for the planning and implementation of the Ministry of Defence's bilateral engagements with the Defence Institute of International Legal Studies.

Prof. Dr. Marzena Toumi

More about work

Marzena Toumi both in her professional work (as a lawyer) and in her academic work currently deals, among other things, with migration law, including the human rights of people who have been forced to leave their homeland for various reasons. She has extensive practical experience in legal assistance to foreigners. In addition, the systems and law of Arab states have also been part of her research interests for many years. She is the author of numerous studies and scientific articles in this field. She iis the founder of the Centre for Comparative Studies and has served as vice-president and treasurer of the association since its inception (2014). In her academic career, she has served as Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of National Security, then as Director of the Law Institute, and currently as Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration. She is also the Chair of the Council for the Discipline of Legal Sciences.


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