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The protection of religious freedom in Central and Eastern European countries

Start of the event

2021. 11. 26.

End of the event

2021. 11. 26.


Ministry of Justice

The Central European Professors' Network, consisting of four research groups, started its activities on 1 January 2021 to carry out research on a wide range of topics in seven Central European countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia). The Network of Professors organises events with the primary aim of raising awareness among European citizens on issues that are important and relevant for the future of Europe, and in particular Central Europe.

One group of researchers looked at the normative aspect of the possibility of expressing faith through religious symbols in the European countries concerned.

The event programme is in English:

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Prof. Dr. János Ede Szilágyi
Prof. UO Pawel Sobczyk
Prof. Balázs Schanda
Prof. KUL Piotr Stanisz
Prof. Dr. Lóránt Csink
Dr. Dalibor Đukić
Prof. Dr. Damian Němec
Prof. Dr. Vojtech Vladár
Prof. Dr. Vanja-Ivan Savić
Prof. Dr. Frane Staničić
Dr. Michał Poniatowski


Dr. Balázs Gerencsér


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