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Right to information of environmental matters: is it overregulated or underregulated?

Start of the event

2022. 05. 19.

End of the event

2022. 05. 19.



The debate was organized by Professor Sanja Savčić, Novi Sad Faculty of Law, researcher of the Central European Professor’s Network.

The debate that was planned and organized as a dissemination event of the research carried out within the framework of the Central European Professors’ Network coordinated by the University of Miskolc gathered students of Environmental Law Clinic (more than 30 participants) to discuss various relevant issues concerning environmental protection and protection of future generations. This debate focused on right to information of environmental matters. Students were prepared their presentations through three groups and afterwards exchange results of their research.

Human being of the modern society has not only adapted nature to his needs, but he has created an environment to his perception. This achievement has endangered the natural values: water, air, food, for present and for future generations. 

For this reason, nowadays challenge is to find a balance between nature and human. Modern living conditions, growth of population, increasing use of limited resources and numerous environmental problems have confronted us with the issue of sustainable development and the need to act globally to preserve the planet, to enable life for present and future generations.

Environmental protection has been recognized as a task of the highest law in Serbia. In that sense, Constitutional act has three types of provisions which are of importance for this matter.

First one is the provision on right to healthy environment. Art 74 of Constitution Act of the Republic of Serbia named Healthy Environment – provides that Everyone shall have the right to healthy environment and the right to timely and full information about the state of environment. Everyone, especially the Republic of Serbia and provinces, shall be accountable for the protection of environment. Everyone shall be obliged to preserve and improve the environment.

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