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II CEA Supervisors’ Workshop – Bratislava 2024

Start of the event

2024. 04. 11.

End of the event

2024. 04. 12.


Páneurópai Egyetem, Szlovákia

From autumn 2023, the Central European Academy has launched a new series of workshops, which we plan to organise every six months, typically in different locations. The current two-day workshop will be organised in cooperation between the Budapest-based Central European Academy and the Pan-European University in Bratislava at the Pan-European University from 11-12 April 2024.

With a total of 29 young researchers from the former and several students from the latter, the event will feature six panels with a variety of presentations. Participants will receive valuable feedback from seven professors representing five countries, enriching their research skills and networking opportunities. This workshop will serve not only as a platform for constructive criticism, but also for promoting international cooperation between institutions, representing a major step forward in academic exchange.

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Asea Gašparić
Maria Masłowiec
Laura Emodyova
Nikolina Marasovic
Rebecca Lilla Hassannová
Weronica Pietras
Nagy Gellért
Nagy Zsófia
Judita Juharová
Bojan Petrovski
Tomasz Miroslawski
Zuzanna Zurawska
Szabó Csaba
Tena Konjevic
Ilyés Kinga
Radka Kopcová
Dominika Moravcová
Jovan Żivanovic
Szitás Emma
Farkas Zsófia
Kaja Hopej
Mezey László
Pál Ádám
Ivan Jokanovic
Lea Feuerbach
Szekeres Ágota
Dorota Francisciova
Alexandra Mitovic
Kovács Bence Zsolt
Milica Ilic
Josipa Kokic
Maria Masłowiec


Katarína Šmigová
Andrea Erdősová
Dudás Attila
Katarzyna Malinowska
Michal Radvan
Tímea Heinerné Barzó
Katarzyna Zombory


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