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Fundamentals of Labour Law

Start of the event

2022. 06. 17.

End of the event

2022. 06. 17.


University of Miskolc, Hungary

On 16 June 2022, the Central European Academy organized a conference entitled 'Fundamentals of Labour Law' with the collaboration of the Department of Agricultural and Labour Law of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Miskolc and the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The conference provided a great opportunity for the authors of the book 'The Rules on Employment Contracts and Collective Agreements and their Power to Shape Employment Relations' to present their book chapter to an international audience and to discuss current labour law issues from the perspective of Central and Eastern European countries.

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Péter Szűcs
Csilla Csák
János Ede Szilágyi
Tamás Prugberger
Grega Strban
Luka Misic
Sára Hungler
Magdolna Vallasek
Jácint Ferencz
Michal Baranski
György Nádas
Senad Jasarevic
Attila Dudás
Attila Kun
Marcel Dolobac
Hilda Tóth
Mario Vinkovic
Bernadett Solymos-Szekeres
Martin Stefko
József Hajdú
Nóra Jakab
Edit Kajtár
Zoltán Rácz
Gábor Mélypataki


Nóra Jakab
János Ede Szilágyi


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