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Col. Barbara Kaczmarczyk, assoc. prof. habilitated doctor in social sciences in the discipline of security science. Colonel of the Polish Army Colonel of the Polish Army, assoc. prof. of Military University of Land Forces Completed higher education: – Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – University of Warsaw – National Defence Academy Experience: – 2002 – 2012 – Border Guard (service on the eastern and western border of the state, at the Border Guard Headquarters in Warsaw and at the Border Guard Specialist Training Center, – I dealt with state border protection, issues related to crisis management and training of Border Guard officers) – 2012-2014 – service in the Police as an expert in crisis management and police activities; I was responsible for the implementation of crisis management tasks in the voivodeship (organization of crisis management exercises, implementation of crisis management tasks during crisis situations) 2014 to date – Military University of Land Forces; positions held: lecturer, assistant, assistant professor, professor; functions held: Vice-Dean for scientific affairs of the Faculty of Security Sciences; Vice-Rector for didactic matters at the Military University of Land Forces. Currently, I remain as a professor at the Military University of Land Forces Science experience: – author of over 100 scientific studies in the field of security, cross-border security, security threats, crisis management, education for security, information management, operational information – manager, member of research projects in the field of broadly understood security – participant in crisis situations occurring in Poland and border areas – participant of many departmental courses in the field of criminal analysis, counteracting cross-border crime, responding to crisis situations, and police activities

Prof. AWL Dr. Barbara Kaczmarczyk

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