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Reversed rule of law in the creation, interpretation and application of law in Poland.

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The rule of law is central to the political system of a state, governing the actions of public authorities and individuals. The rule of law underpins political systems, law creation, interpretation, and public decision-making, safeguarding individual freedoms against tyranny, arbitrariness, and the monopolisation of power.

Recent political, social, and economic changes in Poland have altered its meaning. The new government coalition initiated significant changes in the political system and citizen rights, often exceeding legal powers and invoking the rule of law to legitimise these actions.

This project will explore the modern understanding of the rule of law, factors influencing its evolution, and its application by Polish authorities. It will assess whether these actions redefine or undermine the constitutional rule of law standard in Poland and examine legislative, governmental, and judicial activities, using legal analysis, case law review, literature, and media reports to understand the true nature of these changes.

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