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Equality in an Ever-Integrating Europe

More about the research objective

The purpose of the research group is to identify whether it is possible to secure a closer (more integrated) European cooperation among Member States of the European Union while respecting their equality. The preamble of the EU Treaty speaks of the will of the Member States to continue the process of creating an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe, in which decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citizens, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. It also states that it aims to deepen solidarity between its peoples, while respecting their history, culture and traditions. But what does this all mean in practice? There is no doubt that all Member States are interested in mutual cooperation within the European Union. However, there may be disputes about how this cooperation should be ensured (intergovernmental method vs supranational method) and in which areas. Doubts may also arise about the appropriateness of the current architecture of the functioning of the European Union. The question of an appropriate balance between the democratic functioning of the European Union, the equal status of the Member States and effective decision-making in the administrative bodies of the European Union becomes extremely important.

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