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Constitutional protection of the environment and future generations

More about the research objective

The research team's starting point is that one of the most challenging environmental problems of the 21st century requires, in addition to political will, appropriate financial frameworks and a number of other supporting factors, appropriate legal frameworks, solutions and institutions. Addressing environmental problems effectively requires a comprehensive approach that integrates the different dimensions of governance and social engagement.

The main research area of the research group focuses on the brief legal history and international framework of environmental protection, including an examination of how environmental law has evolved over time and an understanding of the international agreements and protocols that shape current environmental policies. By analysing these frameworks, the research team aims to identify gaps in the legal structures governing environmental protection and opportunities for improvement.

The research team is also committed to exploring the right to a healthy environment and the protection of future generations within the national constitutional framework. This involves looking at how different countries incorporate environmental rights into their constitutions and how these provisions impact on national policies and practices. The group will examine the role of constitutional jurisdiction, analysing how courts interpret and enforce environmental rights and obligations.

The research also delves into the institutions dealing with environmental protection, assessing their effectiveness and making recommendations for improvement where necessary. The research team members will seek to outline existing constitutional practices in the field of environmental protection through a comparative analysis of different national approaches. They will examine successful case studies and identify good practices that can be adapted and applied in other contexts.

The group also examines de lege ferenda proposals, which are proposals for future legislation or legal reforms. By examining these proposals, the group aims to contribute to the development of more robust and effective environmental legislation. They aim to provide actionable recommendations that policy makers can use to strengthen environmental efforts.

In summary, the research team's comprehensive approach not only involves understanding the current legal and institutional environment of environmental protection, but also advocates for future developments. By addressing the multifaceted challenges across legal, financial and institutional frameworks, the team aims to support the creation of a sustainable and healthy environment for current and future generations.

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2022. május 26-án került megrendezésre a „Közép-európai Professzori Hálózat 2022” soron következő nemzetközi konferenciája, melyre Budapesten, a Pázmány Péter Katolikus […]

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