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The International Concept of the Rule of Law

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The supranationalisation of the notion of the rule of law is embedded in the process of creating constitutional federalism in Europe, through the instruments of soft and hard law. The current institutional and normative framework of the European Union allows for the pursuit of the EU's accelerating constitutional federalism. This process necessarily entails certain limitations on national sovereignty, and this is likely to continue in the future as the interpretation of the rule of law is increasingly supranational. In this research, we will examine the different conceptions of the rule of law developed by various supranational institutions, the legal basis for interpreting such conceptions, the mechanisms of control and the sanctioning regimes associated with such processes. The enforcement of supranational interpretations of the rule of law is of particular interest in the light of the fact that states have not explicitly delegated powers in this respect.

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A konferencián a Közép-európai Professzorok Hálózatának a jogállamiság szupranacionális értelmezésével foglalkozó kutatócsoport tagjai vesznek részt, amely Dr. Bóka János (EU […]

A 2023. október 12-13-án megrendezésre kerülő „A jogállamiság értelmezése Közép-Európában a jogállamiság szupranacionális koncepciójának tükrében” című konferencia célja, hogy összehozza […]

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