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Young Researchers’ Monographs

Editor-in-Chief of the series: Prof. Dr. Tímea Tünde Dr. Heinerné Barzó
Mádl Ferenc intézettel együttműködés keretében jelent

More about the series

Published by CEA Publishing (H-1122 Budapest, Városmajor u. 12-14.; responsible publisher: Dr. Heinerné Prof. Dr. Barzó Tímea Tünde) The Young Researchers’ Monographs series aims to publish the main research results of young researchers, mainly on topics of interest to the Central European region, primarily for young researchers from the Central European region. The aim of the publisher is to support talented young researchers in their scientific careers. The series also provides a platform for valuable cultural initiatives. The book covers of the series feature a painting of the Central European University or law faculty, typically the location of the researcher's work. This strengthens the academic links between Central European universities and symbolises the role of legal education in preserving national and constitutional identity, while promoting solidarity in the region. A könyvsorozat főszerkesztője: Dr. Heinerné Prof. Dr. Barzó Tímea Tünde.

Volumes in the series

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