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Legal Heritage

Editor-in-Chief of the series: János Ede Szilágyi
Series Manager: Álmos Ungvári
Mádl Ferenc intézettel együttműködés keretében jelent
Series Editorial Committee:
Andzrej Bryk | Magdolna Gedeon | Giacomo Pace Gravina | Pál Sáry | Emőd Veress

More about the series

The aim of the Legal Heritage book series published by CEA Publishing (H-1122 Budapest, Városmajor u. 12-14.; responsible publisher: Dr. Heinerné Prof. Dr. Tímea Tünde Barzó) is to publish the outstanding and novel results of research on significant events in Hungarian legal history, while commemorating an important anniversary in our history from a legal history point of view. In addition to the researchers of the Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law, outstanding Hungarian legal scholars in the field of the law in question are also involved in the research and the writing of the volumes. The series of books is primarily of a legal-historical nature, but the individual studies take a constitutional, public, private or even comparative law approach to the subject under study. The first volume of the Legal Heritage series is entitled The Golden Bull in legal history and was published to mark the 800th anniversary of the birth of this outstandingly important document of Hungarian legal history. The main editor of the book series is Prof. Dr. János Ede Szilágyi.

Volumes in the series

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