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„Abban a szerencsés helyzetben vagyok, hogy az Akadémia sok olyan konferenciát szervez, ami az én érdeklődési körömbe és kutatási területembe tartozik”


26 éves vagyok, Felvidéken születtem. A felmenőim között egyaránt megtalálhatóak magyarok és szlovákok, így abban a szerencsés helyzetben vagyok, hogy mindkét országra hazámként tekinthetek. A pozsonyi Páneurópai Egyetem végeztem a jogi alap-, és mesterfokozatot is. Már a tanulmányaim alatt biztos voltam benne, hogy a mesterfokozat befejeztével szeretném a tanulmányaimat tovább folytatni, és elvégezni egy doktori képzést is.

How was the application process?

Mivel éppen a addigi tanulmányaim végén jártam, kicsit megijesztett a gondolat, hogy azok végeztével belekerülök az úgynevezett „mókuskerékbe“, és (kicsi drámai túlzással persze, de) életem végéig mindennapom ugyanolyan lesz. Így nem volt kérdés, hogy belevágok-e ebbe az új kihívásba.

A jelentkezési folyamat elsőre elég összetettnek tűnt, de szerencsére Akadémia munkatársai mindenben segítettek, és végigvezettek a folyamaton. Júniusban lehetőségem volt meglátogatni az Akadémiát a nyílt nap keretén belül, aminek eredményeként minden kétségem elszállt afelől, hogy szeretnék belevágni a gyakornoki programba.

How did the move go?

The move went smoothly. The Academy offered to help us find a flat, but this was unnecessary as the issue was quickly resolved.

Where do you see yourself in a few years' time and how will CEA help you on your way?

I have loved writing since I was little, so I would like to pursue a research career. The legal career is often quite tied up, so I really enjoy being able to indulge my creative side in this job. In a couple of years, I see myself as a researcher who regularly publishes in prestigious journals and attends or even organises international conferences.

The CEA is a huge help on this path. The Academy collaborates with a number of universities and research institutes, which offers plenty of publishing opportunities. In addition, the contacts and networking opportunities it offers are also very valuable. We have the opportunity to learn from prestigious academics and professionals, often from foreign universities, institutions or courts, which not only deepens my knowledge but also opens up new perspectives for my research. With the continued support and resources provided by the Academy, I feel that I have all the tools to build a successful research career.

Was there anything you were worried about before you came here?

Yes, before I came here, I was mostly concerned about how difficult it would be to balance the times when we had conferences with continuing my research or writing my thesis and publications. Academic life is very busy and time-consuming, and I was worried about how I would be able to find the right balance between the different commitments and deadlines. Now that I am here, I realise that those concerns were unfounded. The Academy gives us the flexibility to manage our time. If you organise your time and priorities effectively, you should have no problem meeting deadlines, even with other commitments.

How is everyday life at the academy?

Daily life at the Academy is quite varied. Some days are filled with academic activities, including high-quality lectures and seminars. We also participate in several conferences where we have the opportunity to listen to presentations from high-level academics. The institution regularly organises cultural programmes, such as the Cultural Evening series, which has allowed us to showcase our places of origin and learn about each other's cultures. Sometimes we have no extra activities on a particular day, so we can spend more time on our own research.

How supportive is the CEA in professional terms?

CEA's support is quite multi-faceted. First of all, CEA invites a number of excellent speakers and experts who share a lot of knowledge and experience with us. It also supports our participation in summer schools and LLM programmes. This helps us in our current research and intellectual development and makes our CVs more attractive and attractive on the job market.

How can you also do research?

I am in the fortunate position that the Academy organises a lot of conferences in my area of interest and research, so I often draw inspiration for further research from the conferences. I think it is very important that you manage your time well and are interested in the area you are researching. It makes the work much easier because you enjoy it.

What other opportunities does CEA offer?

The CEA supports us in a lot of things that can help our careers. Whether it's LLM programmes, summer schools, or attending national/foreign conferences - the range of opportunities is wide. The Academy also supports us in language learning. Many of us learn several languages at the same time. Colleagues who do not speak Hungarian also have the opportunity to learn Hungarian.

How do you like living in Budapest?

Budapest was not a foreign city to me; I had been here many times before. I always thought it was beautiful, and full of possibilities. Budapest is always bustling, and everyone can find the leisure activity that suits them best. In truth, moving here was a bit bittersweet, as I had lived in Bratislava for many years before and I love the Slovak capital. But I don't regret moving here! After a year and a half, I can say that Budapest has also grown very close to my heart, and I almost consider it my home. The city has offered me a lot of new experiences and opportunities, which quickly made me forget any initial difficulties. Budapest is a vibrant, dynamic city that inspires me and helps me to stay motivated and active.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

I think 5-10 years is too far away to be able to answer that question. For example, 5 years ago I would never have thought that I would be living in Budapest today. I consider myself a spontaneous person, so I don't like to plan many years ahead. However, I can say with certainty that I would like to continue to research because I feel that I have found a lot of my strength in this work.

To whom would you recommend the CEA programme?

I would recommend the CEA programme to people who are open to different legal topics, who like to think critically and form their own opinions. I also really enjoy the colourful, international environment. We bring together many different cultures and people. This can also be an attractive aspect for others.

Is it a disadvantage that the institution is so young?

Absolutely not. As you can often read in job advertisements (but it is true of us), we are a young and dynamic environment. Because the institution is young, it is evolving with us. Of course, sometimes questions arise that do not have a predetermined answer, but in such situations, we always seek solutions together. The Academy is completely open to our opinions, and that helps us to feel at home here.

What has been the best experience for you at CEA so far?

Hosting my first conference panel was a great professional experience, which I would not have had the opportunity to do without the help of CEA.

I also really enjoyed the cultural evenings I mentioned earlier. I feel that these events brought our team even closer together and it was interesting to listen to each other's presentations on topics other than law.

What is your message to future juniors?

I also really enjoyed the cultural evenings I mentioned earlier. I feel that these events brought our team even closer together and it was interesting to listen to each other's presentations on topics other than law.

Judita (SK)

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