Come to do your research
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Would you like to gain real insight into the research and publication work around comparative law?
Would you like to learn from those who are considered the best in their profession?
Would you like to get to know fellow professionals, build a network, are you looking for perspectives?
Then apply for our Junior Programme!

Why should you become a Junior with us?

You mean, in addition to the fact that you can gain a broad insight into our active and comprehensive research and publication processes?

We are unique

We are the only legal institution in Hungary where comprehensive research is carried out in the field of comparative law. We are proud of the many internationally recognised researchers and legal scholars who have been working with us for years.

Modern environment

We are a young and international organisation, thus you will definitely not be bored with us! We organise many community events and constantly nurture relationships with our researchers.

Serious professional background

We have a wide contact and research network, as well as a professionally recognised knowledge base, thus with us you will become a member of the community of modern jurisprudence in no time.

Much more than law

With us, you will not be sitting in one place for long: In addition to our legal work, we also offer language training, and you will have the opportunity to get involved in publication and research work according to your own ambitions.

More about the internship program

The international environment of the CEA provides outstanding opportunities for doctoral students joining the internship programme, providing insight into the research and publication processes through various topics of comparative law. The four main departments are public law, private law, international and EU law, and science and research networks.

The members of the English-language internship program will gain insight into the activities of Central European professors and researchers of comparative law, and will support their work with their proactive participation. The interns will participate in smaller scale research activities, and will get involved in other different activities of CEA.
Within this framework, the interns, among others, can collect literature, contribute to the writing of research reports, write and publish scientific articles.
The knowledge acquired during the Junior Programme will greatly contribute to the candidate's research and professional advancement, as well as to skills and competencies acquired during a PhD program.

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Venue: Budapest

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Application deadline: soon

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About the programme: 4-year internship program in English organised by CEA

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Detailed information is available: under this link


Rebecca Hassanova

PHD student

CEA is a springboard to professional life!

Ivan Jokanovic

PHD student

Study, work hard and everything will come to its place.

Zsófia Nagy

PHD student

Don't be afraid to ask, because a great team is waiting for you at CEA!

Interview with Rebecca (SK)

I am a 29-year-old Hungarian from Upper Hungary. At the Comenius University in Bratislava...

Interview with Ivan (SRB)

I am from Serbia and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad.

Interview with Zsófia (SK)

I am a Hungarian Slovak and I studied law in Bratislava in Slovak.

CEA Junior Programme »

Apply now to the CEA Junior Programme!

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Venue: Budapest

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Deadline: soon

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Form of application: with a CV and a 2-page motivation letter

Come with us!

Days of the CEA Juniors

You must be curious about what experiences await you in our Junior Program.

For a teaser, we asked our current interns to tell us about the dreams and ideas they came with, what they learn here and what you need to know if you apply to our Junior Program.
Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the programme for me?

Yes, if you like to learn and get to know other cultures! Young people and professors come to us from six countries - Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, so it's good if you like to meet others, talk and learn from each other.

Will I get help with the application and the compilation of the documents?

Yes, of course! You will have an assistant who will help you with administrative tasks, as we know that the system is different everywhere.
You do not have to worry about the apartment either: If you want to rent a place, we can help you with that, both in terms of signing a contract and administratively.

What professional opportunities await me?

One of the main goals of the Central European Academy is to approach the legal issues of the modern age as widely and from as many perspectives as possible. This is a very exciting and colourful job, during which you can meet renowned international speakers at high-level professional events.

What is it like to live in Budapest and what leisure opportunities do I have in there?

Based on the experience of the Juniors so far, we can say that everything is possible in Budapest! It does not matter whether you are looking for excitement or tranquility, modern or historical architecture, beautiful parks or steaming thermal baths: the Hungarian capital awaits you with open arms and countless cultural and culinary opportunities! Here you can indulge in all your hobbies, play sports, go to museums and concerts, go hiking, take a bath or climb a mountain. And do not forget to mention the city's frenetic, colourful night life, which is deservedly famous far and wide... ;)

You can find more information on Budapest here: https://www.bigbustours.com/en/budapest/top-10-things-to-do-in-budapest

What are weekdays like at CEA?

The Juniors gain an insight into every project that works and is organised at us, whether it is conference organisation, publication or even research work. We have a good atmosphere, creative, young and professional community. If you have your own professional idea or goal, we will gladly support you in its realisation. The Juniors organise many programs among themselves, so you don't have to be afraid of being lonely. If you come to us, you will become part of the CEA family, and as it is customary in families, we provide roots for good work and further education, and wings so that you can become who you want to be.

I have a partner who lives abroad. Is the program compatible with my personal life?

Absolutely, there is a solution for this, too! Budapest has excellent transport links to all directions in Europe, so frequent trips and visits are not a problem. And we will help you, in whatever way we can, so that you can reconcile your private life and your studies here.

Will I have a mentor, a supervisor?

Yes! There will be, because we know that you may have a lot of questions, especially at the beginning. As we have already said, you are not alone, you will always have someone to turn to.

Will my scholarship cover my living expenses?

By all means. The experience so far shows that you can make a good living from this amount, and our scholarship will definitely cover housing, travel, and everyday living.

Can I continue research in my own topics?

Yes! In fact, we would be very happy about it, since this is exactly one of the missions of the Central European Academy: to connect universities and strengthen each other through active research. If we can, we will adapt to you, and if we see that you are more interested in a particular field, or if you indicate that you would like to try yourself here and there, you can still count on us. And in your research work, we support you by providing you with all our published materials (imagine a huge legal library...).

Will they help me decide where to head next after the Junior Programme?

Naturally. Whether you want to stay in a university environment or life takes you in a different direction: we are happy to help you find a new path and we would be very happy if we could keep in touch even after the Junior Programme.

Your future is in front of you - seize it!

One of the most noble goals of our Junior Programme is to offer our scholarship recipients a wide variety of opportunities. With us, everyone who is open to it receives real support and perspective, so that after the end of the programme they can continue on their own professional path that is right for them.
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