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With its versatile activities in the field of comparative law, the aim of the Academy - in addition to the development of the level of domestic legislation - is to create and operate a widely recognised professional network covering Central European countries.

Professors' Network

Seven countries, 47 researchers, 5 research groups, countless international scientific projects and dissertation materials - this is the CEA Professors' Network. As a result of our professional activity, we research and teach together in the framework of close cross-border collaborations, and our publications play an important role in filling gaps worldwide.

Who we are

The Central European Academy was created with the aim of managing research and training projects covering Central European countries, while addressing both representatives of legal science and young professionals interested in the field.

In order to achieve its goals, it operates the Central European Professorial Network, the Junior Program, CEA Publishing, and organises international scientific conferences and webinars.

Our Partners

Rebecca Hassanova

PHD student

CEA is a springboard to professional life!

Ivan Jokanovic

PHD student

Study, work hard and everything will come to its place.

Zsófia Nagy

PHD student

Don't be afraid to ask, because a great team is waiting for you at CEA!

The future belongs to the younger generation

Unleash your potential with CEA's Internship Program!

Looking to advance your legal career with practical experience and internationally recognized academic credentials?

The Central European Academy's Internship Program offers law graduates a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and insights into research and publication processes in Comparative Law.

Click here to learn more about this great opportunity and apply before the May 16, 2023 deadline.

Contact us!

Do you have a question, a request or a comment? Write to us! Our staff will try to answer your letter as quickly as possible.

About the CEA Publishing

The most important activity of the Academy is to ensure the publication and distribution of high-quality professional legal journals and books. In addition, the publisher also supports the international recognition of domestic and foreign legal journals and books, especially those from Central Europe.
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